J.A. Kerr

REVIEWFor most authors reviews are a critical issue but I am beginning to question the reasoning behind a one-star review. I’ve often bought a purchase, and used my own judgment without help from reviews, to select and buy. In fairness, it’s usually clothes and a spur of the moment purchase. We shop for our clothes instore as well as online but this does not seem to follow for books. There are big price discrepancies.

Amazon offers value for money but only online. Readers, unable to lift a book for themselves, are reassured by book reviews. Why? We put our trust in other people choices but as they say, “one man’s meat, is another man’s poison.” Reviews are a guideline towards the quality of the book attesting to professional editing, good plot etc, etc. We must decide if  the story is  one we will enjoy.

Walking into a bookstore, I don’t automatically…

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