Finding Home – Breaking Free Series (Book 1) by Becca Taylor

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Finding Home – Breaking Free Series Book 1


Becca Taylor

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After a six-year relationship with someone who made Katerina feel less than perfect, she is ready for a fresh start. With her grandmother’s words in her mind, she begins seeking out new experiences by creating a list of adventures she’d like to complete. First on the list, a night out with friends. Which leads to the second item on her list, a one night stand. That single night with Caleb is one she can’t get out of her head. However, just when she thinks her life is moving forward, her past comes back. Making her doubt herself, her adventure list and her dreams of finding home.
Caleb isn’t the settling down type. His life is exactly what he wants, an uncomplicated routine. He has his boys, his business, his bass and his bike. Caleb’s life motto is work hard, ride his motorcycle harder and play music the hardest. Until the night he met Katerina. Suddenly, everything he thought he wanted wasn’t enough. For the first time in his life, he was thinking about his future. His future with her.

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Caleb puts his hand on my chin, tilts my head to the side so he exposes my neck, dropping his lips
first on my shoulders. He begins trailing light kisses up my neck. I can feel his tongue making
contact with each kiss, leaving my skin slightly dampened. When he hits each sensitive spot on
my neck, goose bumps form on my skin. The way he touches me has me wanting more. I grip his
hair tighter, pulling his lips to mine. He teases my lips with his tongue before gently biting my lip,
which causes my mouth to open. As if he’s tasting me, he grazes my tongue lightly, before
entangling it with mine. This is the sexiest kiss I ever had. Panty melting, toe curling, chills down
my spine good.


Caleb is in full rock mode as he plays. My body temperature shot up twenty degrees the minute I
saw him on stage. Instantly, I start taking some pictures, wanting to capture the moment. I don’t
take my eyes off him. Caleb’s well-worn denim jeans ride low on his hips, and his tight black tank
top show off his muscles and tattoo. His stance is wide and low, his hat covers his eyes, as his
head bangs to the beat. My panties get wet looking at him up on stage.
One song turns into another. Slither is amazing, and the guys are completely in their element on
stage. I watch each of them. Hunter is crazy up there playing the drums. Jeremy kicks ass on the
guitar. Bentley is everything a lead singer should be, drawing in the audience. Aly is watching
every move he makes. We are jumping to the beat, getting into it with everyone else. I’m in love
with every song they are playing. I recognize the guitar chords of Creed’s One. Only this time
Caleb walks up to the microphone. When he starts singing the first words, I bite my lip in
amazement. Holy shit, he can sing. Can this man get any hotter? His voice is sultry and raw. As I
stare in awe, he looks down and winks at me. I think my panties melted off at that point. The
thought of actually throwing them on stage crossed my mind. But I didn’t.
Aly looks at me, “You are one lucky bitch. He’s fucking hot up there.” I know, and he is mine

I think Becca Taylor is an amazing writer! She brought the story of Kat and CaReview Bannerleb and embedded it so deep into my heart that I dreamed of a love like this. And I never have dreams like that! To have the instant connection without it feeling like an “insta-love” situation is great! Their trials and issues were heart rendering and the fact they did not do the “fight how you feel” and just went with it is a wonderful change of pace! I love how the chapters were broken up to each POV also!


About the Author

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I love to read books. I can easily read a book in a matter of hours. I’ve even been known to read the same books over and over. For a short time, life got in the way and I stopped reading. I fell in love with books again after reading a well-known series. So much that I read it five times in a row.
When I started branching out of my normal genre, I found so many new Indie authors that were truly amazing.
One night after reading a book, I had a rather vivid dream. I decided to write it down. Each day I wrote a little more. Within a month, I had a completed book. Now, I’m working on a series. Starting a new adventure in my life, one that I never knew was in me.
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