The Closing by Author Jenny Hudson

 A story about dying with dignity, friendship and love


Two friends run a real estate business where they sell the homes of elderly, terminally ill people, and help them “close.” Anne, a frustrated artist, is conflicted and breaks away to take some of her clients on a cruise meant to be their last hurrah, only to find some romantic complications. In this novel about dying with dignity, friendship, and love, Anne struggles in her journey to be true to herself.


Jenny Hudson, a designer and writer, creates novels, stories, poetry and artwork about contemporary

life. She has completed five novels and has written columns for several Boston area papers. She owns Merrimack Media and hosts and produces The Author Connection, an interview show for both readers and writers.

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“I don’t know,” said Trudy, as if she’d been reading Anne’s mind. “I think it’s good to push yourself past your fear, to try new things.”

“I push myself,” said Anne. “I just do it in my artistic life where every painting is an adventure. I live on the edge of a creative cliff.”

“I suppose that’s how you explain your artwork,” said Trudy, rolling her eyes.

They were served bubbly sunny-side- up eggs with toast and ate as they watched a couple kissing over their coffee cups, darting tongues.

“Disgusting,” said Trudy. “Maybe they should get a room.”

“They already have one and I think it’s right next to mine,” said Anne. “Trust me, it was an interesting night. No wonder I need a massage.”

“Maybe you just need to get laid,” said Trudy, grinning lewdly.

“Shut up,” said Anne.

“You’re a fine one to talk, Trudy,” said Denise. “Did you ever consider that your adventures are just misplaced sexuality?”

“Don’t hit me with your psycho-babble, Ms. Therapist. I have to do something! Besides, I haven’t lost my sexuality. I know exactly where it is. It’s been on a vacation since Mr. Not-so- wonderful left.”

“Maybe he couldn’t keep up with you,” said Anne.

“I need a guy who handles me; that’s all. I just haven’t met him yet,” said Trudy.

From the doorway, Carlos motioned that the zip-line taxi was there. As they said goodbye, Trudy unexpectedly turned and gave Anne a brief hug, saying, “Are you sure? I’ll miss you, Babes.”

“No, you go and have fun.”

Trudy waved, and Denise blew her a kiss as they sailed out the door.

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