47 Sweet Street by Lena North

47 Sweet Street47 Sweet Street by Lena North

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

47 Sweet Street is …sweet. And funny. And at times, heart wrenching. It is the humorous story of the way parents and their almost-grown children hear each other. I say I love that red dress!! She hears “You shouldn’t wear red.” IS there anyone out there that can’t relate to that way of thinking?
I empathized with Louise, being a mother of a 20-year-old daughter. I could “see” Nin’s facial expression and “hear” that haughty voice as if it were my own daughter. I’ve lived this book and am looking forward to reliving it with my almost 13-year-old daughter, because it is in these moments that our children learn who they are and that mothers are people, too.


I received a digital copy in return for an honest review.



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