A Shiver of Light by Laurell K. Hamilton

A Shiver of Light.caWe meet up with Merry and her slew of men as they are finding out Merry is having triplets instead of twins. The third baby is found right before Merry goes into labor and is much smaller than the others and seems delayed as if conceived after the twins.
The first half of the book describes the inner workings of an American goddess-like princess that is being pursued by the Seelie Queen of Air and Darkness and Merry’s aunt. Also, King Taranis of the Unseelie Court believes one of the babies may be his from the time he raped Merry.

A ton of adjectives and lots and lots of sexless orgasms and screaming around others sex organs provide the reader with good exercise for the eyes as you will be using them to do eye rolls constantly! I was sorely disappointed and hope there will not be another installment because I, personally, will have to pass.



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