Fangs and Fur (The Life and Trials of Persephone Black Book 2) by L.M. Miller

Fangs and Fur - Lindsay M.

Thank you to the author for the opportunity to read this free digital edition for an honest review!
Fangs and Fur begins where Blood and Beasts left off, but more confusing for the characters. If it wasn’t bad enough to find out you have new powers as a witch/ wizard or have become a vampire or turn hairy with the full moon, the core group now have to deal with the mingling of their personalities of each other. Add to that, a real live demon who has built himself a proper Hell and has trapped others that come wandering in on the blue moon. Of course, Seph’s friends feel the urge to see what is below the school and Seph and the rest of the crew have to go into savior mode to retrieve Linda and Abernathy.But there is always a twist with this crew and then who will save whom and from what?
Very quick read with a great escape into the paranormal fantasy world. I’d definitely recommend to those that like to read about teen angst and the paranormal.