A city besieged by evil…
Secure in his stolen stronghold, Baron Reen continues to sow chaos in Albia’s capital. Nowhere is safe from his malice and the King’s Guard is powerless to stop him. Crucial pieces of his plan are falling into place and soon his vengeance will be complete. All he lacks is the final game piece that will force his archenemy to her knees before him.
Sullyan works frantically to solve the mystery of Reen’s newfound powers. She knows she is getting closer to the truth, but will she be too late to save the scarecrow’s captives?




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Cas lives in the lovely county of Hampshire, southern UK, where she was born. On leaving school she trained for two years before qualifying as horse-riding instructor. During this time she also learned to carriage-drive. She spent thirteen years in the British Civil Service before moving to Rome, Italy, where she and her husband, Dave, lived for three years. They enjoy returning whenever they can. Cas supports many animal charities and owns two rescue dogs. She has a large collection of cacti and loves gardening. She is also a folk singer/songwriter and is currently writing and recording nine folk-style songs to accompany each of her fantasy books. You can listen to and download all the songs from her website: www.caspeace.com
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Sofira did not answer Lerric’s summons and he was forced to entertain the King and the General alone. Increasingly nervous and fearful, Lerric did his best to convince them Sofira’s unhappiness and the welfare of his grandchildren were the reasons for his agitation. And because there was truth in what he said, neither Robin nor Blaine detected any falsehood.

Elias was all for leaving Bordenn immediately when he realized Sofira did not intend to put in an appearance. He saw no reason to pander to her whims, whims designed to anger and upset him. Her vicious remarks the night before rendered him even less inclined to speak with her than usual. But the General, despite his initial resistance, knew they had not fully exploited the possibilities presented by this visit and persuaded the King to remain a little longer. At the very least, they would get a warm meal before having to brave the winter freeze again. If Sofira remained absent, it was one less problem to worry about.

So at midday they gathered once again in Lerric’s dining hall, casting appreciative eyes over the array of hot food. Its variety gave the lie to Lerric’s constant carping about his province’s poverty, although Elias was too shrewd to mention it. He did not want to give Lerric the opportunity to bemoan how little they would have once the King’s party left.

Once they were replete and had repaired to the inner chamber with fellan and brandy, Elias and the General traded a private glance. Robin placed himself where he could watch Lerric without being too obvious, and Blaine nodded to his sovereign.

Elias stretched his legs to the fire, captured his vassal’s attention, and leaped in with no warning. “So, Lerric, what did you make of the news about the traitor, Reen? I take it you heard what he did?”

Lerric stiffened. His face turned pasty and the goblet trembled in his hand. “What … what he did?” His gaze fixed on the King’s face. “I … don’t understand.”

Elias snorted. “Oh, come, man! Did you not hear the news? Surely you heard he escaped imprisonment?”

Lerric’s demeanor turned desperate and his gaze flicked between his three guests. “Escaped? I … hadn’t heard that.”

Robin, watching Lerric closely, pondered the man’s conflicting emanations. Uppermost was a fear that was almost terror. Lerric would naturally feel fear at the news the traitor who so nearly succeeded in killing the High King, and who had come originally from his own court, had escaped. Yet deep within the complex swirl of emotions Robin also sensed a strange surge of hope, almost as if Lerric wanted them to discover something. He frowned and concentrated harder. There was something odd here.

Elias warmed to his deception. “You hadn’t heard the traitor escaped justice? Strange. I thought you would have known all about it. We knew Reen corresponded with someone while he was on the island, and the only person who might be … interested, shall we say? … in his circumstances was you.”

“Me?” Lerric almost yelped the word. “Why would I be interested in him? Why should I correspond with a convicted traitor? I want nothing more to do with the man!”

Robin’s frown deepened. Lerric’s tone carried a distinct ring of truth, an emphatic assertion that flooded his voice, yet the undercurrent of terror and reluctant hope remained. It was almost as if he was not master of his own emotions, a thought that made Robin distinctly uneasy.

“Ah!” Elias injected a tone of enlightenment into his voice. “Maybe it wasn’t you. Maybe it was someone else in your household.”

Lerric froze, his eyes haunted. He cast a swift glance at the door, whether in fear or hope, Robin could not say. But the man was desperate to end this conversation, that much was clear.

“What are you saying, Elias?” Lerric’s whisper was almost pleading. “What are you accusing me of? Has my House not suffered enough at the hands of that dreadful renegade? Did our family not lose enough? What have we done that you should question us so? Why can’t you leave us alone?”

Robin closed his eyes, the better to sense Lerric’s emotions. It was clear he hardly knew where to turn or what to say. A great fatigue filled him, as if he had been under tremendous strain, yet there was also a futile sense of bitter anger. His emanations were so complex and convoluted that their import was clouded. Robin gained a strong impression of dark fear, deep unhappiness, and a strange, almost eager hope. The debilitating weakness pervading Lerric’s spirit might well lead to collapse. Even as he scanned the man, Robin felt his spirit struggling, almost as if he had decided to voice some kind of revelation. Robin wondered whether he ought to say something to Elias, but the door opened abruptly, saving him from the decision.

Stiff-backed and furious, Sofira stood in the doorway. She glared at Lerric, fear behind her eyes.


Her sharp voice slit the tension like a knife ripping silk. Lerric jumped half out of his skin and his pale face flushed. Elias startled also, but hid his reaction far better than Lerric. Robin could see he was annoyed with himself. Had he not cast aside the feeling that Sofira still held power over him?

Apparently not.

Sofira strode into the room, her face white and angry. She ignored the other three men and glared at Lerric’s sweat-sheened face. “Father, you’re not well. Why did you not send for me? Your Majesty, General, I must ask you to excuse my father. He is not strong these days and this terrible winter has further sapped his strength. Had I known your visit would have reduced him so, I would never have left him. Father, you ought to go to your room. You are weary and need to rest. I am sure our distinguished guests will not be offended.”

Lerric hesitated, looking surprised. Robin saw him glance up at her, a furtive, guilty look, as if she had caught him betraying secrets. Then his shoulders slumped and a sigh escaped him.

“I beg your indulgence, your Majesty, but I fear my daughter is right. I do feel less than well. Perhaps a short rest will restore me, and I will be fit to speak with you again before you take your leave.”

Elias, clearly displeased by Sofira’s appearance and intervention, could hardly refuse. “By all means, Lerric. You should have spoken of this before. I had no idea you were not at full fitness. I hope I am not so ill-mannered a guest as to impose on a gracious host.”

Lerric gave a small frown, peering at Elias as if suspecting him of irony. But Elias waved a casual hand. “I wish you peaceful rest, Lerric. I will not be offended if you are not well enough to bid us farewell. I am sure your daughter will fulfill your duties admirably.”

Sofira took her father by the elbow and guided him toward the door. Robin barely heard their whispered exchange.

“Sofira, I—”

“Be silent! I will speak with you later.” Sofira raised her voice. “Go and lie down, Father. I will send a servant to tend you.”

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Sygillis of Metatron by Author Ren Garcia


For ages League mothers have told their children terrifying stories about the Black Hats: a sect of murderous women eager to slay anyone who falls into their grasp, always searching for their next victim.

Only Sisterhood of Light have been able to counter their evil. When a Black Hat is taken prisoner aboard Captain Davage’s ship, the Sisters have every intention of executing her, but they are astounded when the captain refuses to allow it.

Captain Davage has gotten a glimpse of the Black Hat’s face, and is shocked. Though no one but a Sister would ever willingly face a Black Hat, he enters her cell.

The woman sitting there bears an exact resemblance to a beloved friend of the Captain’s-a friend who is dead. Immediately, the Black Hat known as Sygillis of Metatron plots Captain Davage’s murder and, though the Sisters are near, none can protect him from her fury

Is it possible that two sworn enemies may fall in love? Can remorseless evil be redeemed in the end? Good and evil, love and hate, only one side can triumph in The League of Elder: Sygillis of Metatron, a galactic journey full of romance, suspense, and the unexpected.




Ren Garcia is a Science Fiction/Fantasy author and Texas native who grew up in western Ohio. He has been writing since before he could write, often scribbling alien lingo on any available wall or floor with assorted crayons. He attended The Ohio State University and majored in English Literature. Ren has been an avid lover of anything surreal since childhood, he also has a passion for caving, urban archeology and architecture. His highly imaginative “League of Elder” book series is published by Loconeal Publishing


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Top Ten List


10:  Ren was once engaged to a woman 25 years his elder.

9:    Ren visited New York City and admired the World Trade Center towers just a month or so before the tragedy of 9/11.

8:    The FBI once put a gun in Ren’s face.

7:    Bad hearts run in Ren’s family. He’s already outlived most of his paternal grandfathers, all of whom died in their 30’s.

6:    Ren’s poor eyesight went undiagnosed until he was in the 3rd grade. Up until that point, he was considered “mentally challenged”.

5:    Ren broke his neck playing volleyball in college.

4:    Ren often sleeps on the floor, finding it more comfortable than the bed.

3:    Ren was once held at gunpoint and frisked by the guards of the Prince of Saudi Arabia.

2:    Ren was introduced to his wife via Match Makers International.

1:    In a vast extended family of exclusively brown-eyed people, Ren somehow managed to get blue eyes.


Book Snippet 1:

“Oh, I am going to kill you, Captain, make no mistake, at the first convenient moment that I get. I simply haven’t decided how, that is all. I haven’t decided what will be … fitting for a man such as yourself…”


Book Snippet 2:

“You have set the Dirge to a Lord of Grenville,” he hissed on the march. “I’ll see you executed for this, Lady Sygillis,” he said, his body moving of its own accord.

Sygillis snapped back, her mastery of the Dirge allowing her to talk and hold it at the same time. “And, if anything happens to Captain Davageage as a result of this childish delay, Mapes, I will kill you myself as many times and in as many ways possible. Pray you, sir, that he returns to my arms safe and unharmed, for woe to you should he not. Lead the way, sir, and you need not speak until we arrive.”


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Scattering Stars by Wendy C Jorgensen


Wendy C. Jorgensen grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and
began writing in second grade, furiously recording her hopes and dreams in a
denim-covered diary. Besides hanging out at the library, she loved soaking up
the rays—while reading a book, of course. During her sophomore year of high
school, Wendy’s family moved to Carson City, Nevada, and she thought her life
had ended. The desert, sagebrush, and cowboys were a far cry from the ocean,
palm trees, and surfers of Florida. Fortunately within six months, the family
relocated to Lake Tahoe, and her outlook improved dramatically.
Wendy started college at the University of Colorado in
Boulder, followed by a year at the University of Nevada in Reno and two years
at Brigham Young University, where she worked as a reporter and copy editor for
The Daily Universe. A decision to take a short break from school turned into a
twelve-year hiatus in Lake Tahoe. After a two-year stint in the civil
engineering program at California State University in Sacramento, Wendy
returned to Colorado and graduated from CU with a degree in English Writing. It
was a long, but valuable, educational journey.


After twenty years in Colorado, Wendy recently moved back to
Northern Nevada, close enough to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the beautiful scenery but
far enough away to escape the heavy winters. She lives with a wonderful husband
who’s a financial guru–thank goodness–and a golden retriever who’s often
mistaken for a sloth. Her two brainy and creative sons challenge her intellect
and make her want to be smarter. Wendy hopes someday to journey to the stars.

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Deep in the Colorado Mountains lie many secrets. One of them could change the world.

When sixteen-year-old Eve Hunter returns to her childhood home of Ridgway, Colorado, she discovers a tight-knit colony of scientists and their families led by her grandfather, Jarak. Ten years earlier, her mother drowned suspiciously in a nearby canyon, and Eve becomes convinced the townspeople are hiding something. By lineage, Eve belongs to the colony and despite her reservations, she feels drawn to the colonists—particularly one of them: Daniel Winter, an eerily familiar, intense boy whose determination to monitor her and all the colonists is more than a little disturbing.

After Jarak reveals her true heritage, Eve learns her return to Ridgway is not a coincidence. She’s a key piece in Jarak’s plan. As secrets are revealed, Eve becomes entangled in a deadly game—and time’s running out to master the rules. One wrong move could jeopardize the future of the planet. “



We emerged
into a clearing and found Sarah, perched at the edge of a steep cliff, staring out
at an incredible snow-covered panorama.
     Daniel frowned seconds before Erik called
out a shrill warning. “Sarah, don’t get so close to the edge. The mountain got
a lot of snow last night, and it hasn’t had time to pack down.”
     Sarah brushed off his warning. “Relax,
Erik. Nothing’s going to happen.”
     But something did happen. Erik must’ve
heard a crack or sensed a shift in the snow bank because he shouted “Get back!”
at the precise moment a section of the cliff gave way.
     Emily and I screamed, expecting to see
Sarah tumble over the cliff with the plummeting snow. But instead of falling, her
body froze, suspended in mid-air, then shot forward, speeding directly toward
Erik as if she’d been ejected from a canon.
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