Tim Hemlin – If Wishes Were Horses…


Tim Hemlin is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, having studied with poets Charles Simic and Mekeel McBride.  He has published in poetry journals, anthologies, and magazines–most notably in Ellery Queen.  Currently he has six published novels, two short stories and is included in an anthology.
By day he is an educator; however after teaching ELA for 22 years he decided to put his master’s degree to work and is now a high school counselor.  In addition, he is an avid marathoner, fly-fisherman, and outdoorsman.  He lives just outside Houston, Texas with his wife Valerie, two dogs and a cantankerous cat.

Q&A With the Author:

If you could travel anywhere, on earth or off, where would you go?
. . . so if I can’t go back to the 1920s I’ll go there now.
What color would you wear if you had only one choice?
Think of George Harrison in his denim shirt and blue jeans crossing Abby Road.
Describe your dream writing spot.


A cabin in the
country with a bay window looking out over a verdant forest. In fact, one
summer I wrote one of my mysteries in the mountains of Colorado in just this
setting. Coffee and stories after an early morning trail run sounds like heaven
to me. 

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If Wishes Were Horses…

” Neil Marshall is a graduate student in the University of Houston’s creative writing program and a promising young poet. However, facing a financially and emotionally draining divorce has him worried about more than paying tuition. So to make ends meet, Neil moonlights as a chef for a high society caterer.  Just when Neil’s life seems bleakest, his oldest friend, racehorse breeder Jason Keys, is murdered. And Neil becomes the prime suspect.  To avenge his friend, clear his name, and rescue a missing championship thoroughbred, Neil infiltrates the dark underworld of horse theft and illegal breeding. Neil’s friends—his attractive writing teacher, his cooking colleagues, and a freckle-faced teenage horsewoman—offer their support. But their cheers quickly turn to gasps when Neil becomes the hunted.”



Talk about high-flying euphoria
turned to grounded fear. The downshift was so sudden I could’ve thrown up. Be
cool, Neil. Okay, I wasn’t going to outrun the guy in the Taurus, and I wasn’t
going to confront him. Yet. My only other option, then, was to play the shell
game and lose the bastard. ~ Neil Marshall


2) Nothing in my twenty-eight years could’ve
prepared me for the scream that awaited me inside. Bloodcurdling, the howl
lifted every hair on my neck to attention, siphoned ten years off my life, and
threatened to claim my first child before I’d even found someone to conceive
him with. Fajitas hit the floor, fists shot up, and instinctively I crouched,
looking for the source of Satan’s cry. ~ Neil Marshall
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