To try or not to try that 1 star book?- by Fiddler Blue

I try not to let others reviews dictate what I will read. There are so many different perspectives other readers can have. I do look at others reviews that seem to have similar taste as I do, but I don’t use it as a reference as to when to read it or not. But, then again, I don’t purchase many books. I will borrow them from someone or the library, or will see if it is a possible R2R book. I have a difficult reading a book more than once because I have a semi-photographic memory and can usually remember sentence to sentence what happens next. There goes the surprise factor.

One thought on “To try or not to try that 1 star book?- by Fiddler Blue

  1. I’m always amazed by the devotion of readers like you, Amanda. Sifting through email requests, responding, and then sometimes not really clicking with a book, and not really wanting to write a review about it either. It happens to us authors, too! Since my time is devoted to family, writing and teaching, I find that if I can’t get into a book, I put it down, and go on to the next. If a book fails to engage me on several levels, I don’t write a review. Thank you for your wonderful, selfless support of authors!

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