When Destinies Collide

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Shirl Rickman has a promising start with this debut novel. Selene and Drake are teenagers that come from different places but have both suffered loss and disappointments and have secrets that are threatening to destroy their very beings.

Selene is suffering from the loss of her mother, the only person that matters since she and her dad never seemed to bond. The story revolves around this loss and her growth as she begins to learn what it is like to live without her one constant in life. She is uprooted and taken to her great-aunt Violette in small town Texas. Her father just drops her off and runs away.


Drake is a boy that is dealing with his own demons. He has been dealt a blow of losing his twin sister less than a year ago. He is dealing with the emotional boomerang effect of abuse by someone that should love and protect him and his sister above all else. He has spent his whole life being the boy that draws attention in an attempt to remove that attention from his sister.


Drake and Selene are predestined to meet and help each other heal from their painful pasts and try to look forward. But, of course, destiny isn’t finished with them. They must continue through a year of twists and turns to get to their, hopefully, happy ending.


***I received a copy in exchange for my honest review through NetGalley***


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  1. Thank you so much for your review. When we choose to tell a story we always know people will either like it or hate it, but either we way want the review. I appreciate you taking the time to review When Destinies Collide. Please be sure to connect to all of my social media outlets to ensure you are aware of my upcoming releases. Thank again.

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