The Bird With the Broken Wing by DL Richardson


Thank you to the author and Goodreads We ♥ YA’s R2R program for this digital copy in return for an honest review.
Rarely, there is a work of creativity that is so awe-inspiring the reader has to stop and internalize, take those thoughts out, knead them and think them over and mold them before they can articulate the feelings invoked from it. This is one of those.
Purgatory? Limbo for the desperate aching heart and soul before deciding which way to go? Simply put, yes. Who would have thought that even angels can be broken and need a chance to decide which way is up?
This story is told in 3 POV’s. That of Ben, heartsick, soul sick soldier, Rachael, Ben’s guardian angel and Jet, a girl thrown into the mix after Ben and Rachael have been in limbo for 10 years.
Rachael can’t understand why Jet has come or why she feels these emotions of resentment and jealousy. Ben feels he is beginning to wake up after Jet arrives and Jet just feels like something is wrong with it all.
Richardson hits on all of the emotions following a soldier that dies fighting a war he doesn’t belong in because he was running from circumstances he had no control over. Jet was crying for attention and looking in all of the wrong places.
In reality, they were all seeking forgiveness from those they had failed, including themselves. The ending will forever be ingrained in my heart!