Sword of Deaths by Christopher Mannino

Sword of Deaths.caThank you, Mr. Mannino, for this review copy in return for my honest opinion! Your choice for book covers is so thoughtful and captures the essence of this book in its totality.
Suzie, Will, and Frank are back after Suzie, having no other acceptable choice, purposely failed her final test thereby choosing to stay in the World of Deaths until she fades or ceases to exist. We meet a new boy and watch as Suzie comes into her own as a teacher to Tom and a potential flame to almost every other boy in sight. A girl from Frank’s past arrives and causes a little hiccup in the affections Frank feels for Suzie. After a confrontation in which Suzie stood up for herself, Billy decides it is time to grow up and the first step is to change his name to a more grown up name, Will. Suzie follows suit and decides to go by Susan.
This second book of the series is a book of constant change for all of the main characters. They grow and become more mature. Unlike adults, they allow change and become stronger for it.

I like how this book has chapters that follow one of the kids POV at a time.This one also seemed to be more suspenseful than the first holding me in its clutches until I finished and left me begging for more. It did leave us with a cliff-hanger and I hope it will be worth the wait. If the author continues the way he has started, following books will far exceed my expectations.

Find out more about Suzie and the boys at http://www.christophermannino.com/ and purchase your copy at http://www.amazon.com/Christopher-Mannino/e/B00K2XOP88/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

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