Pivot Point by Kasie West

Pivot Point.caWhat is the pivot point? It is that place in the middle where two lines split to go their separate ways. Why is this important, you might ask? Because that is the most integral part about making a decision. It is the one point to where you must choose the path you will go and deal with the consequences of your choices.

Addison Coleman, Addie to her friends, is a normal teenager if you consider having advanced mind control abilities to be normal, that is. She lives in a compound with her mom who can persuade people to do or feel what she wants them too, and her dad who is a human lie detector. And you thought your parents were bad! She has a best friend that can erase memories and has been noticed by the High School quarterback. Life is good until her mom and dad tell her they are getting a divorce and she must decide if she will remain with her mom or go with her dad and live in Texas with the normal people.

As a Discerner, she can tell the future, but only if faced with a choice. So, faced with this decision, she and best friend Laila decide she should search her 2 possible futures and Laila could erase the future she does not choose. Great plan! Then she follows her life through 6 weeks in both worlds. She makes new friends, is betrayed in either scenario and is faced with decisions within the search that lead to more questions. Just as she decides which future she wants to keep a major event involving Laila jerks her back. Both scenarios are horrible, but she must decide which she can live with for the rest of her life.
If there was ever a book that deserves a sequel, this is it! I instantly connected with Addie as she struggled with real issues in an unreal world. She is such a strong leading female character and her instincts are spot on. Yet, she still had that high school feel to her. Just immature enough to be believable. I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds now that the past has played out and she has a chance at the future she had to let go!

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