The Scorch Trials (The Maze Runner, Book 2) by James Dashner

The Scorch Trials CA

This novel begins where The Maze Runner ends. Thomas and the rest of the group have escaped and think they are in the clear other than learning about the flares. This feeling of comfort is short lived as the minute they get to enjoy some much-deserved rest the are once again awakened with new trials and challenge that will have them wishing for an end. Thomas is able to communicate with Teresa telepathically and is uprooted when their communication is suddenly torn apart as WICKED, the group behind it all introduces them abruptly to those that have been infected, the Cranks, which are essentially living zombies. They are warned not to believe everything they see or hear. They must get to a location while battling extreme heat and hiding from or fighting the cranks and determining who the true leaders are. They learn who their friends are and would sacrifice themselves for the others. Thomas and Teresa are a part of the reason the boys and now girls are in this situation. We still don’t know what their involvement is, but we are privy to some flashbacks from Thomas that leads us to hints at the ultimate conclusion.

Even after reading the whole book, I am still left with many questions. Who is Wicked? What is Thomas’s and Teresa’s involvement? What is the reason for the trials? Why, oh why, was Thomas betrayed so cruelly?

I am looking forward to the conclusion of this trilogy and the answers to these many questions.

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