New: Book Two In The Kemla Saga By Cassandra Webb

Thank you so much for the opportunity to read your the second of your books in the Kemla Saga. Here is my honest review in return for this copy.

New by Cassandra Webb Coverart

We continue our journey with Kemla after her escape from the slave traders. She has found herself in a home like none she has ever been a part of. For once she can live without being afraid of being abused. However, she has trouble letting a lifetime of pain and fear go and living peacefully. She continues to want to know where Leon is and if he is safe and what he can teach her.. BUT, enter stage left… Orin. Handsome and oh so adorable and loveable!  Can she let go and live a settled life on a farm with Orin or will the temptation to continue traveling take her on a different path and if so will Orin follow or let his feelings for her go?

I am tickled pink with the growth the author has displayed in her writing style in this novel! Kemla has continued to be a real person that the reader wants to love and champion her on her journey through this thing called life!  I love it and the “not really a cliffhanger but make me beg for more ending” is the bomb!!

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