Power’s Out by Rachel Meehan

Power's Out Coverart

Thank you to the author for the opportunity to read this free digital edition for an honest review!

Nairne and Paul are on the road and on their own, having survived the last two years after the worst day of their lives. They have met some kind, and some not so kind people, on their travels but nothing quite feels like home until they come across a new community that is willing to let them in for a short reprieve. But will their past come back to haunt them?

Full of intrigue, murder, prejudices, first loves, and the survival of the fittest, this novel will keep the reader coming back to see what Nairne will do for those she loves.

I can’t wait to see what Rachel Meehan has in store for them in the next installment of the Troubled Times series.
For more information on Rachel Meehan and how to grab a copy of this novel or any of the others she has written, head on over to http://www.amazon.com/Rachel-Meehan/e/B00C3C8UZK/ref=dp_byline_cont_ebooks_1

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