Violet Chain by J Kahele

Violet Chain coverart

Rating= ∗∗∗∗

My thanks to the author and to Booklover Catlady Publicity for furnishing a digital copy in exchange for an honest review!

Violet finds herself on the wrong end of an affair when she finds her fiance with his pants down during their engagement party. This leads to a total breakdown and rebuilding of a whole person. Violet realizes she lost herself to the relationship and didn’t even have a personality that didn’t involve being half of a couple. She picks herself up with the help of her brothers and goes out on the town. She finds herself in the arms of a notorious playboy, Chain.

Chain is the playboy that will never settle for one until he meets Violet, the one that wants to use and abuse him then let him go. It’s the cat and mouse chase in reverse. The entire novel is  the struggle to get her to understand what they could be.

There were plenty of come and get me hot steamy sexy scenes making you stop and pant and wish you were Violet, but the ending  was a complete turn-off! I was finally getting used to the idea of maybe having a little substance in the book when the dialogue becomes forced as if the author realizes there needs to be an ending soon. Then the ending comes with a complete drop-off. There is nothing to suggest there will be a sequel. It just ends on a very negative note. There are ways to end on a cliffhanger leaving the reader wanting more, but I have trouble with leaving us on a sour negative note.  

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