Book Blogger Hop: Sept 18th-Sept 24th

The After Dark Reading Nook

Book Blogger Hop

Passwords have always been something I have never been able to keep up with. So instead of using an address book, or tattoing them to my forhead I have a different method that works for me. I try my very best to keep the password for each site close to being the same, but then I find a piece of thick paper. I’m talking about something like construction paper, cardstock, or something similar. Using a thin tipped, so I dont make a mess, black sharpie I write down the website url and then the information I need to know like the password. Next I take a quick hop, skip, and a jump into my kitchen to my laminator. It’s real purpose is to laminate packages, or seal up meat. No matter it works as long as I make sure that the heat isnt so high it burns my paper. Once…

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