The Healer by C.J. Anaya

Revealing her secrets may be a fulfillment of a prophecy gone wrong.
Revealing her secrets may be a fulfillment of a prophecy gone wrong.

Thank you to the author for the opportunity to read this free digital edition for an honest review!

Hope is a normal teenager in a normal school with a normal best friend, so she thinks. She, on the other hand, is the furthest thing from normal. She is a person that can heal others by connecting to their “life forces” and

showing their cell what needs to be done to heal themselves. She is in hiding with her father, who is a doctor at the local hospital. She finds it difficult to be around others that are hurting without helping them. Her father struggles to keep her reigned in because of his overwhelming fears of being found out for her abilities. But even with everything he has done to keep them off the grid, she is sought out and discovered.

This was a really great story and a very quick read. It was one of those, that every time I thought I was at a stopping point, it drew me back in with a “No, don’t go” moment. I loved the characters. They were totally believable in a fantastical fictional way. Even though it is obviously fiction, I liked that literary mythology was inserted. The descriptions used are tangible. I could really see the black cherry blossom and the colors of Hope’s dress bleeding from black to red in Hope’s flashbacks with Musubi-no-kami.  I enjoy reading things that make me want to look it up and see if it’s on track.  I learned about Japanese mythological characters including Nekomata and the Japanese Deities. I felt so many emotions radiating throughout the whole story. I felt true pain for the sadness and feelings of defeat Hope deals with when it comes to Kirby. I felt the excitement with the underlying fear of meeting Tie and Victor. I felt how overwhelmed Hope must feel at the knowledge of her true heritage. I connected with Tie and felt strong where he should be in Hope’s life. I see Victor as very stiff which makes perfect sense when it is revealed who he is in the ultimate scheme of thing. I think Angela is amazing and I find it interesting that after the accident she experiences when they are young, she becomes withdrawn at times and as Hope details, a “germaphobe.”

There are many instances in the book that I would pull up a note and say, “who is this person in the bigger picture.” I would go back and forth from what I was reading to what I had read and have aha or how did I miss that moments. I stayed intrigued and involved throughout the whole book.  Great Job!

Hint to those reading this, you will not get all of the answers you want. The questions are left to be followed up in the series. It does not come all tied up with a pretty bow, but it is worth it!

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