March To November by Byddi Lee


March to November


I received a copy of this book from the author and in return for a fair and honest review. Thank you for this opportunity.

March to November is about love and loss, betrayal and trust, happiness and despair and the cycles of grief. It details the events of Tracey Duggan and her friends and family lives during the months of March to November, hence the title. The book is set in modern-day Belfast, Ireland. There are 4 predominate characters in this novel. Tracey Duggan, Molly Duggan, Dermot Duggan and Tommy O’Brian. It deals with the doomed marriage of Molly and Dermot, Tracey’s best friend and brother. Molly must accept that her love and obsession has left her for another woman and their impending “love child.” It details past abusive relationships and the terror that comes back to haunt Tracey in her budding relationship with Tommy. The author does an excellent job getting the reader to fall into the lives of these characters and make you feel like you are a fly on the wall watching or as a friend. I fell into despair with Molly at first and in love with Tommy as if I were Tracey. I had a love hate relationship with Dermot because I understood the betrayal Tracey felt but the lingering hope she had in this messed up situation they were in.

I never really fell for Sheila, Dermot’s new girlfriend. She seemed as cold as her apartment, all white and clean lines. She seemed distant and reserved yet at times showed her humanity when she thought of losing Dermot. She never seemed to connect with the pregnancy so the twist at the end was accepted as real.

Molly’s heartache was so real until it became almost too much. Her obsession with Dermot and her demented revenge set the pace for the downward spiral that her life took. I was so happy to see her get to the stage of acceptance and was hurt by the twist that spiraled to a bombshell for everyone to deal with near the end. I was happy to see the growth in Tommy and Dermot by the end of the book.

Out of the minor characters, Orla is probably my favorite. I love her no nonsense “grab life by the balls and hold on tight” personality. I laughed at so many of her comments. She really brought out the Irish setting with her way of saying things such as

F*** off! No way did I lead him on. He was drunk as a skunk.”

Fury pummeled Molly.

Well, he’d have to be. Look at you!” she screamed and jabbed her forefinger at Orla.

That slut always threw herself at men, Dermot couldn’t help it!

Jesus Christ, that’s a bit low. I might not be Scarlett Johansson,

but that randy f***er would poke a hole in the wall if the wall let


I would recommend this to anyone looking for bit of romanticism with a twist.

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