Wolf Moon By C.D. Gorri

WolfMoon2 (1)

I received a digital copy of this book in return for an honest review. Thank you C.D. Gorri!

“High school sophomore Grazi Kelly leads an ordinary life in the suburbs of New Jersey helping her grandmother with chores and attending Catholic school. Things are pretty good except for her bullying cousin and the rest of the obnoxious cheer team. Then things take a frightening turn when the night of the full moon arrives and the bodies start piling up. Grazi learns that she is different in ways she never expected. She finds herself torn between Sebastian, the school soccer star and Ronan, a foreign exchange student who shares her secret. She must uncover the identity behind the mysterious attacker, but is she ready for the entire truth?” (Book Blurb,C.D Gorri)

Overall, this is a great book with a fresh outlook on what could have been a possible overused theme and I am definitely looking forward to the next in the series.

I am amazed that this book was so good. It fits well in the YA category and is definitely a good book for the intended 10-18 age range audience.  I was afraid it would would mimic so many other werewolf stories, but it didn’t.

I liked the idea of a religious battle, especially Catholic, as I’ve never seen it done in such a way as this. I thought the characters were well developed and the build up of the love interest characters set the mood for anticipation. The “mean girls” high school drama part felt a little unnecessary after getting into the main plot of the novel, but understandable as it is a novel for the 10-18 year old range. I would have liked Grazi to have been a little older because fifteen is a little young, in my opinion, for what looks to be the build up of a possible “bond mate” character.

l liked that the author described the changes Gratzi goes through physically as well as emotionally as she develops her understanding and acceptance as her role in the bigger picture of a leader of a battle between good and evil. I also like that she isn’t automatically supposed to be in charge of a pack but gets the chance to be comfortable in her new skin.

There were several grammatical errors that can be distracting but I believe they are manageable to most as I tend to be overly critical. (I believe it is the editor in me). I would have given 5 stars  if it weren’t for these. As it stands I would have given 4 1/2 stars if it was available.

Very good job, C.D. Gorri!

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